By Crafters, For Crafters

Launch your Liquid Craft to a global
audience of collectors and connoisseurs

Market Innovation

Until now, no markets provided for the artisanal and independently crafted liquor industry and their one of a kind creations. Buyers of these specific products now know where to find your handcrafted, work of liquid art.

Global Liquidity Platform

Craft liquor suppliers often are regionally based, with a reduced ability to market to international audiences without crippling expenditure. LCI brings the worldwide audience of specific, targeted consumers to you and your batch.

Digitizing the Verification Process

Verification of authenticity of fine, one of a kind liquors, has not been brought to the current standards found in other markets, but with digital NFTs, the precipice of technology is easily available to small batch suppliers, investors, and collectors.

Digital Transformation
of Trade

The spirit industry has long been beholden to physical paper trails and expert verification processes that leave trade in a slow, costly state. With Blockchain, this process is now automatically generated via smart contracts built right into the one-of-a-kind, collectable NFTs.

Peer to Peer Trading

The current market generally caters to an exclusive consumer and supplier base, but not to targeted individuals who are also interested in trading spirits and wines directly. Now the NFTs are trade-able investments for traders and collectors, or any LCI user.


Harvesting is a concept for exchanging an NFT for a physical asset that it is attached to. When an NFT is purchased, the owner will be able to harvest their NFT at any given time, redeeming the NFT for your handcrafted product.

Upon harvest, the NFT is burned and eliminated from circulation, the terms of distribution that suppliers built into their smart contracts will be carried out and the physical product is then transferred to the consumer.

Royalties For Crafters

Royalties are fees to be paid to the creator of the NFT at time of sale. In order to set a desired royalty amount for each sale of an NFT, you will need to preset your percentage value at the time of minting. As a crafter, you will receive this percentage upon each successive sale of your NFT.

Want to Make An NFT and Become an LCI Crafter?

For crafters around the globe, opening products to an international market has never been this easy. Liquid craft has created this simple solution through NFTs and blockchain technology.

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