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Crafters to
21st Century Technology

Blockchain & Premium
Liquor Investing

By combining the efficiency and security of blockchain-based marketplaces with the stability and value of the premium liquor market, LCI looks to transform the craft liquor space. LCI will eliminate intermediary involvement and reduce trading costs by providing an instant, secure platform for buying, selling, and investing in spirits, wines, liqueurs and specialty beer through Blockchain technology.

Advantages of the Liquid Craft Platform

We are a global, one stop marketplace that tokenizes liquid crafts. Say goodbye to long-winded paper trails and hello to the ease of Liquid Craft Investing. We use blockchain verification of assets & automatic smart contracts to ensure secure trading. With Liquid Craft Investing, worldwide trading is just a click away.

NFTs Can Be Backed
By Assets That Include:

  • High End Liquors
  • Fine Wines
  • Specialty Beers
  • Liqueurs
  • Or any other craft liquor that the supplier wishes to connect to the NFT marketplace

Multi-Chain NFT
Minting Compatibility

Liquid Craft operates on the Ethereum Network as well as the Binance Smart Chain for ultimate compatibility. NFTs can be released on either chain, or releases can be split into different tiers on both at the same time.


We believe in full transparency of our project and for our Crafters to give users the confidence that their investments are safe and secure.

Our team is 100% Doxxed and active in our community channels.


The community will drive a secondary market for Liquid Craft through peer to peer trading and marketing. In addition, Liquid Craft is excited to start its ambassador program. Community members can connect their favorite Crafters to the marketplace and be a part of exclusive offers and rewards. More on the ambassadors program to come as the marketplace is developed.

Meet the team

LCI was founded by Zach Weakland, an award winning distiller and brewer. Zach came up with the idea for LCI while concocting small batch bourbon, gin, vodka, and rum with local botanicals. He loved creating liquid art, and wanted it to be financially sustainable to create such unique crafts. LCI is the first of its kind, and here is the team making the dream a reality.

Zach Weakland
Zach Weakland
Co-Founder and CEO
Aaron Volkman
Aaron Volkman
Co-Founder & CBDO
Cody Landstrom
Cody Landstrom
Technology Advisor
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis
Videographer & Social Media Coordinator
Jess McGarity
Jess McGarity
Graphic Designer

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