NFT Launch: Dragons & Bourbon Series
The Dragons and Bourbon NFT Series is the first of its kind. Each NFT is a collectible that works like any other NFT available, but with one big difference: each  NFT is backed by the finest, handcrafted bottle of straight bourbon you have ever tasted.
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Your One-Stop Shop to Buy, Sell, Track, and Trade Liquid Crafts
At liquid Craft, the NFT ecosystem will provide a reduction in the traditional trading costs associated with the purchase and resale of liquor
LCI is committed to delivering an open platform that inspires creativity and celebrates distinctiveness, where producers are not just rewarded, but are empowered
Global Reach
Global Reach
Crafters will be able to utilize the global presence involved with the crypto space, offering up a unique space to sell never before seen products
Smart Contracts will allow for automatic record-keeping on the blockchain as product authenticity, history, and description will all be verified and locked into each NFT

Our Roadmap

Progress in 2021
Writing our tokenomics and finishing the Liquid Craft Whitepaper
Liquid Craft Diagram
Finalizing our Seed Round

Gathering investors and continuing to develop relationships and community

November 2021
NFT Launch: Dragons & Bourbon Series
  • Tier 1 - 750 Exclusive NFTs on the Ethereum Network
  • Tier 2 - 750 Exclusive D&B NFTs on Binance Smart Chain
  • Provides exclusive access to future launches, giveaways, and more!
Q1 2022
Moving Towards our Marketplace:
  • Launch our $CRAFT token
  • Onboard Crafters and prepare them for success on the Liquid Craft platform
Q2 2022
Launch of the Liquid Craft Marketplace

We're building a fully fledged marketplace where crafters and connoisseurs can come together and transact

Liquid Craft Marketplace Preview
Late 2022 and Beyond
Moving Towards our Marketplace:
  • Expand our marketplace to more regions globally
  • Enable Crafters who sell on Liquid Craft to accept $CRAFT as payment in their taprooms and tasting rooms

Being a collector of fine liquid crafts has never been easier

A blockchain based marketplace of fine spirits, wine, and beer aimed at bringing global producers and buyers together.
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